Once again Page proves she can take the written word and turn it into a rollicking adventure in Regency England. This outstanding entry in the Blood series tells of an initiation into pleasures of the flesh in graphic detail. The emotional journey to self-discovery by Raven and Ophelia is worth the ride.

Lady Ophelia Black is locked away because she cannot touch anyone without killing them. She sculpts to pass the time and is fascinated by the human form. She sneaks out to view the Elgin Marbles where she meets the enigmatic Mr. Ravenhunt, who kidnaps her. Raven is a vampire controlled by his maker, a vampire queen who wants Ophelia’s ability. The secret to taking the power is not only physical pleasure, but true love. Without realizing he loves her enough to sacrifice his life for her, Raven introduces Felie to a life of sexual bliss she’s never known. (APHRODISIA, Nov., 336 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown