Jade Xiang is an immortal who feels the emotions of both the living and dead. Her mission to retrieve handsome vampire Niccolo Romano from a security prison turns dangerous when they're attacked.

Their plan is to stop the Dominion, a powerful network that wants to harm mortals. Their trail to find the manifestation that will open a time portal and eradicate a group of vampires results in an almost fatal car crash for Jade and Niccolo, and then they end up as hostages. Emotions long hidden resurface when the assassin tries to kill Niccolo.

Although a bit dark at times, this erotic tale has lots of humor. The big, dangerous vampire is a pushover for his cat and loves to cook. Hot sex -- especially in a public restroom -- paves the way for a sensitive scene where Niccolo helps Jade overcome horrors from her past. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith