Image of Blood of Dragons (Rain Wilds Chronicles, Book 4)


Image of Blood of Dragons (Rain Wilds Chronicles, Book 4)

Hobb’s fourth book in the Rain Wild Chronicles is worthwhile and can even be read as a stand-alone, though doing so will compel you to run out to purchase the other three. Hobbs’ ability to so clearly represent the personalities of both humans and dragons is what is most extraordinary, along with how obviously each person believes her perspective to be the right one. The rich drawing of characters is fabulous and never does it seem incongruous. Fans of the series will especially savor the epic comeuppance a particularly distasteful character receives.

Having helped the dragons to metamorphosize into their true forms, the keepers of the dragons must help them migrate to the dragon city of Kelsingra and determine how to find the Silver that is needed to sustain them. The dangers of losing themselves to the lure of the memory stones of the city are great, as are the dangers from the Chalcedean mercenaries, who are determined to bring dragon blood to their duke. Tintaglia, queen of the dragons, has been attacked and the affronts to the dragons must be avenged — before humans and dragons wage an eternal war. (HARPER VOYAGER, Apr., 448 pp., $27.99)

Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs