Image of Blood Dreams (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Novels)


Image of Blood Dreams (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Novels)

The odds may be stacked against FBI agent Noah Bishop and his Special Crimes Unit, who find themselves fighting a new kind of enemy. Hooper utilizes reoccurring dreams to punctuate the terror and helplessness felt by her protagonist. One of the strongest elements in the SCU novels is the rich array of supporting characters, who add depth to the stories. You won't want to turn off your lights after reading this book!

Psychic Dani Justice has returned home to Venture, Ga., ostensibly as moral support for her twin sister, Paris. But when Dani experiences a terrifying new prophetic dream, the sisters realize they're in the eye of a storm. This puts her into contact with her former flame, Sheriff Marcus Purcell, who's soon helping the SCU track down a serial killer.

With the new head of the FBI not sold on the SCU's unique skills, Noah can only assist in this case surreptitiously. The horrific and vicious nature of the killings is only the beginning, for what stalks Dani and the SCU is something new and terrifyingly cunning. (BANTAM, Jan., 324 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith