Image of Blood Eternal: An Awakened by Blood Novel


Image of Blood Eternal: An Awakened by Blood Novel

Blood Eternal is the third book in the Awakened by Blood series and the delightful adventure continues. Saloman and Elizabeth have a continuously growing relationship. The awakening of Saloman’s vampire cousin Luk adds an element of danger moves the story forward. However, the various points of view are distracting and not entirely necessary.

Dr Elizabeth Silk, aka The Awakener, is on the cusp of several life changes. She hasn’t followed Saloman because she’s unsure of their relationship and she must make a decision to take a job in Budapest. The job is interesting, but Budapest is where Saloman is currently living and she doesn’t want to pressure him into something more. When Saloman’s cousin is awakened, the two of them must team up with the vampire hunters to stop the burgeoning revolt. The ensuing battle shows Elizabeth that she is capable of much more than she originally believed. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Oct., 368 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton