Image of Blood Harvest


Image of Blood Harvest

Bolton has the creep factor down to a science and her latest novel is a spine-tingling chiller. A miasma of evil hangs over a plot thick with the type of terror that will have readers flipping pages into the wee hours as they also cast furtive glances over their shoulders into the shadowy darkness of their living rooms.

The Fletcher family loves their new home, built between the two churches in Heptonclough, a small village on the moors. Before they have a chance to get settled, however, they suffer a barrage of pranks — then threats — that are becoming increasingly dangerous. And, of course, there’s the creepy story of the deaths of three children nearly a decade before. However, when 12-year-old Tom’s two younger siblings go missing, the evil hovering over the village swoops down to terrorize them further. (MINOTAUR, Jun., 384 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper