Image of Blood Hunt: The Sentinel Wars


Image of Blood Hunt: The Sentinel Wars

Logan, the Sanguinar demon fighter, has been an enigmatic and intriguing character from the beginning. The fifth book in Butcher’s pulse-pounding Sentinel Wars series explores the fallout from previous events and the desperation behind the Sanguinar people’s plight. Sacrifice for the greater good runs headlong into matters of the heart in this emotionally enthralling tale. Worth every penny!

Hope Serrien appeared out of nowhere years ago, with no memory of her origins. Helped by Sister Olive, Hope now does her best to take care of those living on the streets. While hunting for a missing young woman, Hope stumbles across a demon attack and inadvertently saves Logan with her blood. The power of Hope’s blood both saves Logan and fills him with despair, for she cannot be destined for him. Hope struggles to cope with her sudden immersion into the supernatural, but she has no intention of being “breeding stock” and selectively mated. The power of Hope’s blood has also caught the attention of the hideous Synestryn lord, Krag, who will stop at nothing to obtain her. (SIGNET, Aug., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith