Image of Blood of Innocence


Image of Blood of Innocence

In the second book of her series, Dane brings us back into the supernatural world of villainous vampires, elves and otherworldly creatures. She mixes a good dose of suspense with a little bit of romance and humor, all centered around a sassy, spunky heroine. This is one entertaining read.

Profiler Sloan Skye, intern for the PBAU (Paranormal Behavior Analysis Unit), is now working with her team to hunt down what seems to be an invisible serial killer who drains the blood of his victims and steals their unborn fetuses. Having to work alongside an ex-boyfriend who wants her back, and the handsome special agent who is showing an interest in her, slightly complicates her already crazy life, not to mention having to deal with quirky parents and an eccentric roommate. (KENSINGTON, Jun., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates