Image of Blood Kin: A Novel of the Half-Light City


Image of Blood Kin: A Novel of the Half-Light City

Blood Kin is a terribly disappointing sequel to its excellent predecessor, Shadow Kin. Instead of following the same characters on a new adventure, it’s basically a repeat of the same story, with different names. The main male here is the brother of the previous book’s male protagonist. And the main female has the same background as the previous —a half-faerie who’s forced to commit crimes by a power-hungry villain. The plot then follows a nearly identical trajectory. Skip Blood Kin, read its parent and hope that if there’s a third novel of the Half-Light City, it brings something new to the table.

Half-faerie and reluctant spy Holly falls off a roof one night, right into the arms of Templar knight Guy DuCaine. They meet again shortly thereafter, when Holly’s father forces her to spy on Guy’s healer brother. But then Guy forces Holly to help his secret investigation as well. With a cover story of a fallen knight who’s madly in love with a half-fae seductress, the pretense inevitably becomes reality. The pair must work together to keep peace among the blood, beast and fae races. (ROC, Jun., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leah Hansen