Image of Blood Law (Blood Moon Rising, Book 1)


Image of Blood Law (Blood Moon Rising, Book 1)

Book one of the Blood Moon trilogy gets the series off to an impressive start with plenty of action and sex, emotional depth and a well-crafted plot. The shocking ending has no HEA but it has a definite to-be- continued hook.

Rafael kills his brother Lucien’s chosen mate because he knows she is a slayer who is holding his brother in thrall. It’s against wolf pack law for a lycan to mate with a slayer. But for 14 years no one has believed him and they hold him to the Blood Law, which says he must sacrifice his own chosen to his brother. Rafael doesn’t care about that, until he meets Falon. She is everything he desires in a mate, despite the fact that she’s human. She begins to show her worth to his people with powers she didn’t know she possessed. In a frenzy of passion, Rafael marks her. He seeks ways to break the Blood Law, knowing tradition is against him. Then the slayers kidnap a young girl, forcing a confrontation that reveals more of Falon’s abilities. (HEAT, May, 336 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown