Setting out into the wilds of Montanas Glacier National Park, park ranger Anna Pigeon feels serene, even though shes carrying blood lurea mixture of cows blood and fish guts thats irresistible to the most dangerous bears of allgrizzlies. As part of the Greater Glacier Bear DNA project, Anna and bear expert Joan Rand will bait the sites and gather hair and scat from the bears.

Anna is most at home in the outdoors, and has always been fascinated by wild creatures, especially bears. But when she and Joan barely escape an unexpected bear attack on their tent, and their young assistant disappears, she starts to feel a little less comfortable. Then the body of a woman is found, apparently mauled by a bear. It soon becomes clear, however, that a person is responsible for the murder, and Anna must hunt for the human beast stalking their trail.

Like her heroine, Barr is a ranger whos worked in national parks all over the country. Her gorgeous descriptions of the natural world enhance this taut, suspenseful tale, and the unexpected ending will surprise and enchant you. (Feb., 336 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Laurie Davie