In modern-day New Orleans, Detective Ryan Lattimore is about
to cross paths with 250-year-old
vampire Mignon Du Plessis.

Currently, Mignon is hunting
Charles Rabelais, the rogue vampire
who made her. Since Charles is her maker, the vampire tribunal known
as the Praetorium orders her to stop
his activities.

While Mignon is trying to stop the vampiric killing spree, Ryan has a similar duty--to stop a serial killer. They meet while he is under surveillance at the morgue and, suddenly, the vampire hunter has a new partner in Ryan.

As graphic as putting an end to these killings are, Ryan and Mignon can't help but break the Praetorium rule against vampire-human relationships. But love pushes them beyond any rules, with strong hope that the two can somehow find a future together.

The writing team of J.M. Jeffries
has written an action-filled story
liberally laced with humor. (Sep.,
220 pp., $9.95)

Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor