Image of Blood Magic: A Novel


Image of Blood Magic: A Novel

Witchcraft, magic and dark curses take on a new twist in Lyon's action-packed series launch. Where once this hero and heroine would have been allies, now they are separated by a blood curse. Their distrust and antagonism keep the dialogue snapping and the feel of treacherous passion inspiring. Keep an eye on this author and her series.

Darcy MacAlister has no idea that her unique characteristics are due to her genetic heritage as a witch. Before the curse that separated earth witches from the hunters who protected them from demon witches, the hunters were immortal. Now the hunters are driven by bloodlust to kill the witches, and in doing so, lose their souls.

Witch hunter Axel Locke and his band have not gone rogue, but when Axel's baby sister Hannah is hit by a death curse, he knows only breaking the curse or killing the demon witch can save her. When Darcy is kidnapped by Axel, she is terrified and angry. But upon learning of Hannah's plight, she agrees to learn how to break the curse. The learning curve is steep; do they have the time? (BALLANTINE, Mar., 376 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith