Image of Blood Magic (The Blood Journals)


Image of Blood Magic (The Blood Journals)

Blood Magic is a sumptuous and gripping read from beginning to end. It is the first in Gratton's new series and showcases the author's skill at dealing with difficult real-life issues, weaving them into a powerful supernatural plot. Blood Magic, is a perfect read to help you add some mystery to your day.

When Silla Kennicott receives a mysterious book written by her dead father, she’s willing to do anything to connect to his past. With the help of her brother, Reese, and her new neighbor Nick, will Silla be able to uncover how to use blood magic — and will she be strong enough to overcome the dark and mysterious dangers that come with that power? (RANDOM HOUSE, May 2011, 405 pp., $17.99, PB, 13 & Up)

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Senator Sipes