Image of Blood of the Maple (Maggie's Grove Book 1)


Image of Blood of the Maple (Maggie's Grove Book 1)

Dana Marie Bell delivers a scorching paranormal read. Amara and Parker, and their respective dryad and vegetarian vampire limitations, are such a good pair that their chemistry is not only hot—it’s a perfect match. The intensity of the their lovemaking give readers a taste of taboos done right. In addition to the steamy connection the two enjoy, the novel has a great supporting cast. Parker’s interactions with friends support his character development and pave the way for his relationship with Amara. Readers who are turned off by paranormal romance should give this novel a chance, the explanations of the different types of supernatural beings are clear and, most importantly, the sex isn’t slowed down with magical jargon. This is a fresh vampire tale begging to be devoured.

Vampire Parker Hollis’s wham-bam-thank-you-m’am night with a testy witch leaves him cursed with vegetarian preferences and a maniac for an ex-lover. Retreating to the supernatural town of Maggie’s Grove, Parker meets his new neighbor Amara Scwedlwer, a special dryad. Her plant-infused blood tempts him and before long the two give into the pleasures of the flesh. Amara, who’s been an outcast all her life, finally feels like she fits into her small town life. But that changes when Parker’s ex-lover shows up and unleashes her anger on all of the Maggie’s Grove inhabitants. Will the town blame Amara for the destruction or will they uproot this homicidal intruder? (CARINA PRESS, Apr., dl. $5.99)

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Veronica Knoll