Image of Blood Memories (Vampire Memories)


Image of Blood Memories (Vampire Memories)

One half of the powerhouse writing team that produces the Noble Dead saga launches her own noir take on modern vampires. The stark loneliness of these vampires' existence is gradually revealed through a series of detailed flashbacks. Most of this book -- volume one of the Vampire Memories -- concentrates on setup, introducing the major players. But there's potential here, and it will be up to future chapters to explore it.

Eleisha Clevon, a former Welsh servant girl, was made a vampire in 1839 by Julian Ashton solely for the purpose of taking caring of Julian's Alzheimer-stricken father, Lord William. At the insistence of his mother, Julian made William a vampire in hopes of curing his mind. It didn't work, so for more than a century Eleisha has cared for him.

When Edward, the only other vampire in Portland, kills himself in front of the police and Eleisha, Eleisha learns that two of those officers appear to have psychic gifts and are now stalking her. To protect William and herself, Eleisha runs to the only other vampire she knows. But that distance may not be far enough to escape both the determined police and an angry Julian. (ROC, Oct., 256 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith