Image of Blood Moon (Blood Moon, Book 1)


Image of Blood Moon (Blood Moon, Book 1)

Thompson's new trilogy kicks off with
a chilling, mesmerizing vampire novel whose fast pace and adventures are guaranteed to keep your blood pounding. Carefully plotted, it takes the traditional vampire myths and stirs in a few new concepts. Thompson's tale catches your attention and will have you spellbound from beginning to end with a tale that's more Anne Rice than pure romance.

Jon Hyde-White's faith keeps him from completely turning into a vampire after he's bitten by Sebastian. Each night he transforms into a bloodlusting beast, but he refuses to feed from his beloved Cassandra, who has also been partially "made" by Sebastian. The only way Jon can save himself and Cassandra is to travel to the mountains of Moldavia.

As they're chased through the forest they're rescued by Milosh, one of their kind: the partially made who may be saved by the ritual of the blood moon. They are the ones who become the ideal vampire hunters. But the dangers they face from hostile villagers, Sebastian's minions and the lead vampire himself are frightening. Still, Jon and Cassandra will risk any danger to be free to love in the light. (Love Spell, Mar., 356 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin