When headstrong Elizabeth Mainwaring visits her father, the commander of a British regiment in Bengal, she wants adventure and a fling, not to fall in love with half-caste Major Nigel Covington–Singh.

The son of a maharaja and an Englishman, Nigel lives in two worlds and is a part of neither. He sees the unjust treatment of the natives by the haughty British and hates that the British have ignored a string of killings until one of their own is brutally strangled.

Elizabeth finds everything she has been seeking when she kisses Nigel. He is forbidden fruit, with his dark beauty and exotic background, someone her father would strongly disapprove of. Nigel attempts to keep his distance, but when Elizabeth becomes involved in the murder investigation, coming to his defense when he's accused of the crimes, there is nothing stopping their love—except the killer.

Pippin's portrait of Bengal, with its unique social structure, culture and history, merges with the added attraction of a mystery. A tribute to both the Indian and British soldiers, a realistic and colorful picture of the Raj and a pair of dynamic characters combine to keep you intrigued. SENSUAL (Oct., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin