Image of Blood Oranges (A Siobhan Quinn Novel)


Image of Blood Oranges (A Siobhan Quinn Novel)

Quinn is a true heroine: someone who doesn’t pretend she isn’t afraid, who acknowledges her fear and yet marches into battle anyway. Tierney may not have given readers a romance, but Blood Oranges is filled with relationships, both good and bad, that will leave the reader captivated and questioning certain characters’ motives. This is a dark and twisted ride through the seedier side of life, but it’s peppered with enough humor to make it enjoyable. Hopefully Blood Oranges is just the beginning for Quinn and company!

Siobhan Quinn hunts demons, though she will be the first to admit that most of her success has been pure luck. Unfortunately, she is a former junkie just about to take a hit when she gets bitten by a werewolf — and then is promptly saved by a vampire called The Bride of Quiet, who ends up turning her. Quinn is also in the employ of Mean Mr. B, who may or may not have her best interests at heart. Despite her new existence, Quinn is stuck in an age-old feud that she never signed on for, desperately trying to find the answers and keep her killings to a minimum. (ROC, Feb., 288 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Lauren Becker