Image of The Blood Promise: A Hugo Marston Novel


Image of The Blood Promise: A Hugo Marston Novel

A vow made in blood unravels the most unusual events of Marston’s career and his friends — a CIA agent and Capitaine of the French police — are once again his able companions during this excellent entry in the series. The suspense builds as Pryor’s protagonist methodically pushes buttons until he reaches the startling conclusion.

Regional Security Officer Hugo Marston is surprised when he’s asked to babysit an isolationist U.S. senator with anti-Franco leanings and presidential aspirations. They are to attend a conference about the disposition of an island owned by the French and coveted by the Americans. The talks quickly go downhill when Senator Lake says someone was in his room during the night. Then a murder clouds the issue and puts Marston in investigation mode. But key players mysteriously become unavailable for questioning or adamantly refuse to cooperate with him. (SEVENTH STREET, Jan., 280 pp., $15.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown