Image of Blood Red


Image of Blood Red

Though the premise has been overused, Graham's latest certainly has its share
of thrills and chills. What really grates: Lauren's stubborn refusal to believe she's in danger and subsequent random stupid-heroine behavior.

A weekend in New Orleans with her business partners, Heidi and Deanna, should be fun for Lauren Crow. She loves the city, and the three close friends are celebrating Heidi's upcoming wedding, so anything goes. But a visit to a fortune teller lends a sinister cast to the trip when Lauren catches sight of a dark man in the seer's crystal ball, and something about him chills her to the bone.

Yet the only man on Lauren's horizon seems to be Mark Davidson, a self-proclaimed vampire hunter. Lauren suspects Mark's a little mad, but when strange things start to happen -- including a series of grisly murders -- she's forced to trust him.

(MIRA, Jul., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer