After marrying a mysterious stranger and being carried away to his highland stronghold, English beauty Catherine Ashbrooke falls passionately in love with her husband, Jacobite Alex Cameron. For her own safety, Alex forces Catherine to return to England and stay at her family's home.

For weeks, Catherine impatiently awaits word from Alex, but none comes until the night he boldly climbs through her window. Unable to keep away from her, Alex risks his life to spend one glorious evening in her bed. That one night turns into days and weeks while Catherine's parents are away.

The lovers relish playing their dangerous game of cat and mouse with the English soldiers until they are caught by Alex's nemesis and her ex-fianc, Hamilton Garner. Not only do their lives hang in the balance, but the fate of a kingdom and that of Bonnie Prince Charlie do as well. Using her wit, her beauty and her brain, Catherine pits herself against her enemies and brings the tension to a climax at the bloody, bitter battle of Culloden. Marsha Canham continually demonstrates that she is an author of rare talents. She completely captures the essence of a time and place with an emotional intensity that stuns and thrills readers.

THE BLOOD OF ROSES is her gift to readers who have patiently awaited the conclusion to Catherine and Alex's love story. There is enough action to excite you, history to enthrall you and romance to enrapture you. It is a near-perfect historical romance. SENSUAL (Reprint, June, 607 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin