Quite a departure from its predecessor, this second title in the Bloodlands series leaves its “werewolves and vampires” roots and introduces an entire world of monsters. Reluctant werewolf Mariah and vampire (and Mariah’s sometime lover) Gabriel are still working out where they stand with one another. However, their relationship is significantly less engaging than other parts of the story; rather, the real appeal lies with the new monsters, all original and creative creatures that provide a catalyst for where the story is going next — a place you’ll no doubt be eager to get to.

After their hideout is discovered by a monster-hunter, Mariah leads Gabriel and her were-friends to a new home. Upon hearing rumors of a cure, Mariah and Gabriel set out to find it, and the trail leads them to a hub full of crazy and/or drugged-up humans. When Mariah and her friends later break into a lab rumored to be studying a cure, they inadvertently free all the monsters imprisoned there, including a mysterious creature called only “562” who may hold all the answers they seek. (ACE, Aug., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leah Hansen