Image of Blood Sacrifice (Blood Lines)


Image of Blood Sacrifice (Blood Lines)

A family feud turns fairly apocalyptic in this high-energy offering by rising star Lima. The fifth in the Bloodlines saga takes a dramatic and game-changing turn as Kelly clan heir Keira Kelly faces a dire and obscurely ritualized challenge. Lima’s impressive storytelling skills have ensured that each new chapter in this riveting saga is better than the last.

To say that Keira is ticked when her former lover (and former rival Kelly heir) Gideon crashes her blood-bonding ceremony with her vampire lover Adam is an understatement. Gideon, who is also Adam’s half-brother, arrives as a representative of the Unseelie Court and issues a challenge. Ominously, the challenge is archaic, convoluted and deadly dangerous. Gideon appears to have the support of the Seelie Queen Angharad, but Keira and Adam have the support of Unseelie High King Drystan and the Kelly, Minerva. Gideon has some dangerous tricks up his sleeve and he may have engaged the resources of the deadly Dark Fae. As it stands, everything and everyone Keira cares about is now in mortal danger. (POCKET, Sep., 370 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith