Although Noah Bishop and his crack team of psychic investigators stopped a killer in Blood Dreams, the mastermind escaped. This time they put it all on the line to catch another twisted and dangerous killer. Hooper's ongoing series gains strength from its excellent combination of continuing and compelling new players. Treachery can come from any direction, and the team is in the crosshairs in this exceptional installment!

The FBI's Special Crimes Unit is focusing its attention on Father Samuel's Church of the Everlasting Sin, where he's gathering psychically endowed people and killing those who get in his way. One ominous feature of this case is the manner of death of two women ... it defies explanation. Operative Tessa Gray poses as bait as the team tries to figure out who or what killed the victims.

Sheriff Sawyer Cavenaugh, who has his own psychic gifts, suspects but can't prove that something is wrong in the compound. Tessa's arrival may give him the opportunity to investigate deeper, but they dare not underestimate the deadly power that Samuel appears to wield. (BANTAM, Dec., 304 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith