After discovering her husband's illicit affairs, Catherine Kirby decides to take her daughter and run. Minnesota is a far cry from New York, but the comfort of old friends is what she seeks.

Dr. Michael Bocelli has been on the run for four years. His wife's suicide note left him open for every reporter in the world to pick him apart. His last flight for serenity takes him to his foster-brother's home to work as a handyman at the skating rink. There he meets Catherine, who shatters his intention to move on after the holidays.

Mike and Kate's growing relationship is interrupted when Mike's brother is viciously assaulted, several local women are murdered and the skating rink is broken into. They both fight to prove Mike isn't a killer and find that a second chance at love is worth waiting for. Suspense is the keyword in Murphy's novel. Romance does come into play, but it's refreshing to have a mystery that makes you wonder almost to the end of the book. (Sep., 208 pp., $10.95)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith