Image of Blood Song (The Blood Singer Novels)


Image of Blood Song (The Blood Singer Novels)

UF gets a noteworthy talent boost as Adams — C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp — launches a vibrant new series, The Blood Singer, featuring an indomitable and likable heroine. The stage is set through bodyguard Celia’s eyes, as her reality spins wildly out of control. Witty dialogue and introspection keep the story flowing. Grab some snacks and settle in for a wild ride!

It was supposed to be a standard bodyguard job for a visiting playboy, but it turns into a bloody nightmare for Celia Graves. Attacked by vampires, Celia was supposed to be killed, but somehow she survives and is not completely turned. Instead she’s become an “abomination”; she still possesses her human memories and personality, but she’s gained some vampire traits. The fact that no one, neither human nor vampire, is thrilled about the existence of abominations means Celia has a big fat target on her back. With help from her psychic and werewolf friends, she doggedly pursues the truth — which reveals the existence of an insidiously treacherous plot. (TOR, Jun., 368 pp., $14.99)
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Jill M. Smith