Image of Blood from Stone (Retrievers, Book 6)


Image of Blood from Stone (Retrievers, Book 6)

Gilman's sixth -- and hopefully not final! -- Retrievers novel is of a piece with the others -- paced at breakneck speed, compulsively readable and with a believable story. Wren continues to be a compelling protagonist, and her relationship with Sergei is as steady and as sure as her magic.

Wren Valere is tired. Really, really tired. But in the aftermath of the deadly confrontation between the Costa Nostradamus and the Silence, she has to keep working as a Retriever to pay the bills, especially since her building's going condo. On what appears to be a routine retrieval, she runs headfirst into someone from her past and discovers a plot to harm her family -- and family isn't something that Wren has in abundance.

To save both her family and her future, Wren needs to pull off the most important retrieval of her life while confronting some of her darkest demons and putting the past to rest. (LUNA, May, 416 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs