Image of Blood Ties (Tawes Bay Series, Book 2)


Image of Blood Ties (Tawes Bay Series, Book 2)

French can add another gripping suspense to her repertoire of bestsellers with her newest novel. With a gift for creating an ominous yet homey atmosphere, the author spins another web
of a suspense-filled tale with intrigue and romance. This novel picks up where Blood Kin left off, with deadly secrets, the curses of a Native American burial ground and plenty else to keep readers on edge. The author makes
you feel like you're right in the midst
of the action.

After Abbie Night Horse flies to Tawes to visit her mother and explore some ancient artifacts discovered at a Native American burial ground, her mother becomes the victim of a vicious murderer.

Upon returning to his hometown, chief of police Buck Davis is faced with a murder, a mysterious drowning and a town living in fear of a curse. Then he falls in love with the victim's daughter. Together Buck and Abbie try to unlock the town's secrets and find the killer, but the truth may hit closer to home than either anticipates. (love spell, Apr., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Autumn Harrison