Image of Blood Ties (A Blood Coven Vampire Novel)


Image of Blood Ties (A Blood Coven Vampire Novel)

The newest in the Blood Coven series is the best by far. Sunny narrates, and following her emotional roller-coaster ride makes for a great read with everything from romance to action to vampire fighting. Mancusi shows us the past while hinting that the final battle is one that will leave us breathless and awake through the night.

Sunny McDonald is officially back with her vampire boyfriend Magnus. So, everything should be fine, right? Then why is she still obsessing over her “friend” Jayden? When Jayden’s life is in danger Sunny must choose: stay with Magnus or go against him and save Jayden. Will she even be able to reach Jayden in time, or will all her efforts end with a death? Now on top of her love life drama, the Blood Coven is going into the worst fight yet as they prepare for battle with Slayers Inc. Will Sunny survive the battles to come or will she end up losing her life — or even worse, will she lose her heart? (BERKLEY, Aug., 242 pp., $9.99, ISBN: 9780425241363, PB , 14 & Up)
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Meera Patel