Jane Yellowrock is not normally emotional, but she finds her heart is guiding her more these days with an old friend and flame back in the picture. Hunter’s latest weaves together multiple plots, wonderfully tying them up in the end. With a new twist on vampires and action-packed suspense, Blood Trade takes readers on an exciting ride!

Jane Yellowrock is in a funk, but when she gets a new case, she realizes just what she has in Eli and the Kid. They head to investigate a new swarm of vampires who seem to be immune to normal means of killing. Jane comes back into contact with Misha, a girl from her past. Misha’s daughter is sick and she will do anything to find a way to keep her alive, even if it means landing in harm’s way. Jane must figure out just how Misha is involved before they all end up on the receiving end of a vamp’s fangs. (ROC, Apr., 368 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Becker