Image of Blood Trails (The Searchers)


Image of Blood Trails (The Searchers)

The final installment of Sala’s Searchers series promises a feature film storyline, but delivers a TV drama. She never delves fully into her characters, making the suspense less tingly and the ending more saccharine-sweet. But the author’s easy way with words will keep most readers entertained.

At 25, Holly Slade is stunned to learn that she and her “sisters” were adopted. Her mother gave Holly up to save her from a father who is almost certainly the serial killer known as the Hunter. To discover what happened to her mother, Holly must find the father who now haunts her dreams and leave behind Bud Tate, the ranch foreman she secretly loves. As her search becomes more dangerous, Bud is determined to help her. But before Holly can start a new life with Bud, she must be brave enough to confront the Hunter. (MIRA, Oct., 368 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison