This is a very readable beginning to the Bellador series. The book is a little long for the storyline, as if the authors could not bear to leave out details on minor characters, but all the threads are neatly woven into the story by the end. Meticulous plotting and thorough worldbuilding add up to a whole lot of interesting characters.

Evalle is a Bellador, or at least half Bellador, which makes her a marginal member of her tribe, who are responsible for protecting humans from others of all types, and have been for centuries. Evalle also has to protect herself from those within her tribe who think the only good half breed is a caged one. Things heat up when word surfaces that an ancient stone with powerful magical properties is about to come to light briefly, and can be claimed by whatever magic wielder can hold it. Everyone wants to control the stone. Every time Evalle turns around, there is a new player in the mix. If the bad apples get the stone, there will be chaos and death. So it is imperative that she get the stone to the good guys. Now if she could only be certain who was who. (POCKET, Oct., 515 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan