Image of Blood Vines


Image of Blood Vines

Spindler's latest suspense novel offers
a fast-paced, intense story that's hard
to put down. The heroine is immediately
likable, and her situation compelling. Plus, the plot is original yet believable. Although the original crime occurred years earlier, Spindler keeps the story moving forward as she weaves the backstory into the current happenings. The usually peaceful Sonoma wine country setting adds to the chilling effect.

Following the death of her mother, Alexandra Clarkson discovers a family she never knew she had. Suppressed memories of a murdered infant brother turn out to be the cause of nightmares Alex has suffered from since childhood. Certain that her memory loss is the key to solving her brother's murder, Alex begins probing into her mother's past. But someone is willing to resort to murder to ensure that Alex's questions are never answered. (ST. MARTIN'S, Mar., 352 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett