Selena DAgotino, already a popular author of young adult books at age 28, has hit a slump. Her agents advice? Take a vacation! When an unexpected invitation arrives from some formerly unknown English relations, Selena decides to take advantage of it. What she finds at the ancestral castle in England is rather primitive accommodations and mute servants. There are also her two cousins who look identical to the men in centuries-old portraits. There is Philip, who seems the most sympathetic, and Kieron whom Selena fears, yet is drawn to and dreams about. What she eventually discovers about them is unbelievable, horrifyingand life threatening.

The Blood Waltz is a good horror-cum-gothic type romance, with the story taking some unexpected twists. The characters are fascinating but would have benefited from a longer story, where they could have further development. (Oct., 184 pp., $11.95)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley