Image of By Blood We Live


Image of By Blood We Live

Vampires are romanticized, but they're not all sex objects. These 36 stories -- some new, some reissues -- reveal them in all their diverse manifestations, from evil to alien to lover. It's a bloody good collection with enough variety to please any palate.

Harry Turtledove writes the blasphemous story of a vampire who lives "Under St. Peter's" Basilica. In "Lifeblood," Michael A. Burstein asks, how does a Jewish person protect himself against a vampire?

"Snow, Glass, Apples," by Neil Gaiman, is a dark version of Snow White. "Child of an Ancient City," by Tad Williams, is a Middle East vampire story within a story. In a tale by Garth Nix, a crew of freelance vampire hunters and one unusual surfer dude try to wipe out an "Infestation." In "One for the Road," by Stephen King, a family from New Jersey runs into trouble when they're caught in a blizzard. Sandwiched between Adams' introduction and a list of essential vampire fiction, you'll find many more enthralling tales of the undead. (NIGHT SHADE, 2009, 491 pp., $15.95)

Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski