This series prequel offers an exciting and original graphic depiction of Hollows heroine Rachel Morgan. Harrison should be congratulated on her excellent and highly creative story! That said, though this is a very compelling read, some of the editing is downright abominable. Without a knowledgeable and expert editorial hand in the comic form, one who really understands the intricacies of the medium, opportunities for insight into the characters and their world were lost. Additionally, the story lulls in places where there could have been cut-away scenes to maintain a swifter pace. Overall, Harrison’s writing is superb and Maia’s art is memorable, but the editing or lack thereof really dragged down the enjoyment and the rating.

Vampire detective Ivy Tamwood's new partner at Inderland Security is a witch, Rachel Morgan. Their strong personalities and the inherent challenges of a living vampire working with a spell-using witch, cause some sparks to fly, but dealing with horrific situations where the odds are not in their favor quickly clues them in to the perks of each other’s magical realm and paranormal expertise. They deal with a troll under a bridge, fight bad guys who are killing shifters, and — thanks to their superior detective work — manage to save the day. Throughout all of the action and adventure, readers are given rare, beautiful glimpses into Ivy and Rachel’s personal lives and motivations. The end of the book contains a major teaser about why Ivy and Rachel have ultimately been brought together, that there is purpose to this unique partnership. (Del Rey, July 2011, 176 pgs, $23.00, ISBN: 978-0345521019)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Ruth Walters