Having survived a trial for her ex-husband's death, Jo Beth Sidden now wants to put her life back together. Even in death her violent, abusive ex, Bubba, is causing her grief. While some in the small town of Balsa City, GA, won't forgive Jo Beth, others, including the local sheriff Hank Cribbs, are behind her all the way.

With the specter of Bubba gone, Jo Beth is working to get her bloodhound kennel and search-and-rescue school back up to full speed. Unfortunately, she suddenly gets caught up in the case of a local legend. Jimmy Joe Lane is a good ol' boy who has made escaping prison an art. Right before he makes his latest escape, Jimmy Joe warns Jo Beth that her dogs will suffer if she gets involved in the hunt. Jo Beth also learns that Jimmy Joe has invented a fantasy life in which she is in love with him and they are getting married. Suddenly, a deranged escapee is stalked Jo Beth—one who's always one step ahead of her best dogs.

Although this is the last bloodhound book from the very talented Lanier, fans should delight that A BLOODHOUND TO DIE FOR is a perfect and highly satisfactory finale. (Aug., 240 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith