Image of Bloodlands (A Novel of the Bloodlands)


Image of Bloodlands (A Novel of the Bloodlands)

The first in a new series, Bloodlands presents a more adult take on the vampires and werewolves genre. It’s set in a dystopian near future, with the supernatural almost taking a backseat to character development and drama (a good thing in this case, thanks to compelling characters who possess nuance and mystery). A major reveal gives the tale a gripping end and readers will definitely want to return for the next book. There’s just one thing missing — the explanation for what exactly turned the world into such a nightmarish place, which causes some confusion in the story.

The world has turned into a barren wasteland. Monsters roam freely and most people keep to themselves. In the New Badlands, Mariah ekes out a living underground with a handful of neighbors. She watches the outside world through hidden cameras and rarely ventures out, until one night when she reluctantly saves a mysterious man who’s dying outside her door. This draws the ire of her neighbors and, worse, the attention of a murderous clan stationed nearby. (ACE, Jul., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leah Hansen