FBI profiler Victoria Thomas needs a break following her most recent case. When her boss insists that she take two weeks off, Victoria ropes a childhood friend into attending a Sherlock Holmes symposium in London.

New Scotland Yard Inspector Jonathan Blake has also been roped into attending the symposium. His boss thinks it will be good PR to have Jonathan speak at the conference. Jonathan decides to use his expertise on Jack the Ripper as an example of the failure of certain police procedures. Jonathan does not believe in criminal profiling, which of course gets Victorias back up. Despite their differing views, the attraction between the two is immediate.

For someone else attending the convention, the discussion of Jack the Ripper is the signal he has been waiting for. It is now time to fulfill his destiny The first killing is all too easy, and as a statement the new Jack sends Victoria a piece of human liver.

Both Jonathan and Victoria realize that they have a very dangerous copycat on the loose. This Jack, however, quickly earns the nickname Traveling Jack as he leaves London to begin a killing spree across the U.S. When Victoria continues to receive taunting notes from the killer, she knows that in his mind, she is the ultimate prize.

Master storyteller Jill Jones spins a terrific story that is taut and chilling. She also cleverly weaves in the writings of the original Jack. BLOODLINE is romantic suspense at its best! (Jun., 336 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith