Fans of Shayne's long-running Wings in the Night series will no doubt enjoy this story -- the characters are handled well, and there's nice chemistry between them. But it lacks the intensity and color of the earlier books, that little extra something that made them stand out.

Lilith awakens at dusk, confused and naked, uncertain of where or even who she is. Oddly, she's barely aware of the cold, or any other physical discomfort. She instinctively makes her way to Ethan's ranch, where she learns the truth about herself: She's a vampire -- a trained killer created by a secret government agency, the Division of Paranormal Investigations.

Ethan is like her and, as Lilith did, he escaped from DPI's top-secret facility, the Farm. Their lives are at stake, because DPI desperately wants to re-acquire them both, but Lilith's determined to return to the Farm anyway -- to rescue the innocents who are still imprisoned there. (MIRA, May, 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer