In 1958, reporter Jack Corrigan is nearly beaten to death the night Katy and Todd Ducane disappear, their nanny is murdered and their baby Max is kidnapped. While recovering, a delirious Jack tells young protégé Conn O'Connor about seeing a car being buried on a remote farm.

The years go by but the case is never solved. Then, 20 years later, O'Connor and his new protégé, Irene Kelly, are covering the discovery of a buried car with human remains inside. The bodies turn out to be that those of the long-missing Katy and Todd. But who killed them and why is still a mystery, as is what really happened to baby Max.

In 2000, it is up to Irene and her homicide detective husband, Frank Harriman, to unlock the final clues to this four-decades-old mystery. But Irene is about to find out that old cases can be just as dangerous as new ones.

Following this intriguing saga through many decades and various characters' eyes gives this tale of murder and mystery an added twist. A born storyteller, Burke always provides readers with books that are unique, intriguing and impossible to put down. (Jan., 480 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith