Image of The Bloodmoon Curse


Image of The Bloodmoon Curse

One cannot help but become emotionally invested in Wiesner's broken characters. This gripping romantic drama, with paranormal elements, also has a surprising amount of inspirational content, including a lot of talk about leading a religious life. This novel will pull at your heartstrings while scaring you to pieces.

Amber and Cain Lyons are suffering from another miscarriage. Believing that her husband thinks it's her fault, Amber leaves him.

She accepts a nanny position for children who recently lost their parents. But the minute she steps into Bloodmoon Manor, she senses something sinister. Before long Amber comes face to face with the ghost that haunts her new home. There's a curse on this family, and Amber must protect her charges. Escape is impossible, because she's slated to become the next Bloodmoon bride. Can Cain save his marriage -- and Amber's life? (Samhain, Jun., 212 pp., $11.50)
Reviewed by: 
Lisa Kelly