Image of Bloodright (Blood Moon Rising, Book 2)


Image of Bloodright (Blood Moon Rising, Book 2)

It’s brother against brother in this tale of heartbreak and newfound chances. Intensely emotional and action filled, Tabke’s novel will pull you in from the beginning. The characters are passionate and multifaceted and complement the sizzling story. The ending will surprise those expecting a happy ever after.

By the tenets of the Blood Law, Rafael must surrender his wife Falon to his brother Lucien to avenge the death of Lucien’s wife by Rafael’s hand. Falon knows she will always love the husband of her heart, Rafael, but the new couple learns mutual respect that blossoms into something more as she responds to Lucien’s fiery passion. There are packs outside the two houses seeking to overturn their authority, which means the brothers must unite against a common foe. When Falon is injured, it takes the blood of both brothers to save her. Which one will she choose? (HEAT, Apr., 352 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown