Image of Bloodrose (Nightshade)


Image of Bloodrose (Nightshade)

The final book in Cremer’s trilogy did not fail to make me happy! Readers will wish they were Calla in this sexy, steamy read that will leave your heart racing and your palms sweating. This is an intense finale that will not disappoint.

Calla has made a choice, she has gone back — back to find Ren. Though things between them have not changed, she still has feelings for him. Too bad that doesn’t change how she feels about Shay. Now, with the final battle between the Searchers and the Keepers coming, Shay must follow his destiny. The only question is if that destiny has room for Calla. Having to be the alpha is hard enough, but without choosing a mate, Calla must take care of business by herself, while trying to decide which guy is not only right for her, but for the entire pack. Will the Searchers win the battle? Will the Guardians finally be free, and will anyone survive the bloodshed? (PHILOMEL, Feb., 464 pp., $18.99, ISBN: 9780399256127, HC, 14 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Meera Patel