Image of Blood's Pride (The Shattered Kingdoms)


Image of Blood's Pride (The Shattered Kingdoms)

Manieri’s Blood’s Pride, the first book in the new Shattered Kingdoms series, is the perfect mix of romance, family ties, betrayals and agonizing dilemmas. From the beginning of the book, characters are forced to make decisions that will no doubt surprise the reader. The various relationships, which cross a number of different family lines, will hook the reader almost instantly. In addition, readers will fall in love with the various creatures and languages of the Shadar. The world created by Manieri is one of love, treachery and intrigue that will keep the audience hanging on until the very last page.

Years after the Ashas, leaders of the Shadari people, allowed their people to be enslaved by the Norland people, a small group of dissidents have decided to rebel against Frea, the administrator of the colony. Even Frea’s siblings, Isa and Eofar, have tired of her tyrannical, heartless ways and decide to side with the Shadari in the revolution. The presence of Mongrel, a mercenary hired by the Shadari to defeat Frea, complicates the situation even further — no one knows whose side he’s really on. Eventually both sides, instead of fighting for the Shadar, begin to battle for possession of Dramash, the mysterious Shadar child who seems to be more powerful than anyone could imagine. (TOR, Feb., 528 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Annalee Schuck