Image of Bloodshot


Image of Bloodshot

Priest enters the fantasy field with this story of a band of misfits working together to bring a cruel series of experiments to a halt. Raylene is a fairly typical heroine of the genre: sassy, tough-talking and willing to kick a few butts. More intriguing are the blind vampire Ian and Raylene’s unlooked-for sidekick, Adrian, who is surely the only AWOL Navy SEAL who’s now a drag queen in fiction at the moment. The story moves along at a good enough pace, with plenty of action and an ending ambiguous enough to allow for a sequel, while still providing closure.

Vampire Raylene Pendle, an internationally known thief, is surprised to receive an unusual request from potential client and fellow vamp Ian Stott: he wants her to steal the secret documents related to the government experiments that left him blind. Intrigued and appalled, Raylene agrees, only to bring the feds down on her head. The trail leads from Seattle to Atlanta, where another victim’s mortal brother joins forces with Raylene to bring down Project Bloodshot. (BANTAM SPECTRA, Feb., 359 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Carter