Image of Bloodstone (A Deadtown Novel)


Image of Bloodstone (A Deadtown Novel)

An ancient feud and a serial killer give demon slayer Victory Vaughn more than a little trouble in the third installment of Holzner’s vivid and butt-kicking Deadtown series. Holzner uses Welsh mythology and an intriguing twist on vampires to place Vicky and her friends smack in the middle of a very nasty mess. Make sure you reserve a place for Holzner’s novels on your bookshelf.

Vicky is trying to get back to normal after her adventures in hell, but things are shaping up around her that make that impossible. A serial killer nicknamed the Reaper is on the loose and the public and Boston police would like to blame a supernatural. Vicky is also concerned about her vampire roommate Juliet, who is on the run from the Old Ones, a group of ancient vampires. Then Vicky is captured by a wizard named Myrddin Wyllt who plans to use Vicky’s life force to revive her part-demon cousin Pryce. Vicky escapes with the help of her powerful Aunt Mab and werewolf lover Kane. But with Myrddin, the Reaper and the Old Ones after them, the danger is intense indeed. (ACE, Oct., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith