The second book in the Rebel Angels trilogy, Bloodstone starts out much like the first: with an impending assassination. This time, though, it’s 400 years in the future in a much more modern setting. This new world is made more familiar with the return of self-deprecating Seth and his adored older brother Conal and their snappy dialogue, but a whole new younger generation makes the family drama even funnier. Though it’s somewhat jarring to be in a whole new contemporary time period, the fairie qualities of the Sithe and the otherworld remain strong and compelling for fantasy lovers.

Sithe brothers Seth and Conal have been at the same quest for centuries now, looking for a prophesized Bloodstone that will save the Veil that separates the mortal and immortal worlds. Things go awry when young Finn, Seth and Conal’s niece, escapes into the immortal world and the brothers must cross the Veil and return home — and once again face down Kate, the Sithe queen whose loyalty to her people has never been quite clear. (TOR, Nov., 400 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lindsey Galloway Senway