If you love to experience the chills brought on by a great thriller, be sure to snatch up a copy of Bloodstream. Ms. Gerritsen affirms that she is a voice to be reckoned with in the suspense genre.

Two years after the death of Dr. Clair Elliot's husband, she and her teenage son, Noah, move to Tranquility, ME. This new beginning is both a blessing and a curse. As winter approaches, Claire, and many other parents, begin to notice strange and abnormally angry behavior in their children.

The adults' vague uneasiness turns to horror when young Taylor Darnell pulls a gun in class and starts shooting. Most parents are simply wondering why this tragedy occurred, but after Claire gets a look at Taylor, she suspects the spree was due to a drug-based psychosis.

But, after nothing conclusive turns up in Taylor's blood work, Claire is blocked from further testing. However, she becomes convinced that drugs are involved after a second boy goes berserk and kills his mother and stabs his sister. With the help of Police Chief Lincoln Kelly, Claire discovers that a similar pattern of murder and death occurred in this town fifty years ago.

The one thing in common is an abnormal amount of rainfall that in both cases, flooded Locust Lake. Test after test turns up nothing conclusive, but Claire knows the answer lies in the lake. Can she diagnose the problem in time to save the children?

(Aug., 317 pp., $23.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith